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Bonds Information

Bond Companies we represent;: CNA Surety, Hartford Casualty Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, we also have several bond brokers to fill the need for unusual and hard to place bons.

Bond Categories:

The guarantee that a contractor will enter into and perform duties and services according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Court Bond A guarantee required by the court to be filed in conjunction with litigation. They are written for Plaintiffs or Defendants in lawsuits or other court actions.

Fiduciary Guarantee The good faith actions of a person designated by court or legal documents to handle another person's affairs.
Miscellaneous Bonds that do not fall into any well defined category. These bonds are financial in nature. They protect consumer's from many forms of agreements or contracts in which people may fail to perform. Examples might be a Cleaning Service, Janitorial, Pest Control, Appliance Repair, Interior Decorator, Locksmith and other contractors.

License and Permit Required by government agencies for numerous reasons including to guarantee payment of taxes, to provide consumer protection prior to granting a license in such a business as motor vehicles sales, plumbers, electricians, etc., and to protect the public health and safety.

Public Official Guarantee officials will do what the law requires and faithfully perform the dties of office. Often required by statute.

Fidelity Often referred to as "honesty insurance," fidelity bonds protect an employer from loss due to any dishonest act by a bonded employee, ie an employee dishonesty bond

For Our Attorney Partners utilizing our personal Representative, Guardian or Trustee bonds, we have attached the latest applications. If you are an attorney and you would like to participate in our bond program contact us at 727-347-3158

Printable Bond Applications

Fiduciary App_Oct 2015.pdf   *NEW* Do not use any prior form that you printed off, they will be rejected by the Company as of 2/19/2016.

Fiduciary Suppl App_Oct 2015.pdf   *NEW* Do not use any prior form that you printed off, they will be rejected by the Company as of 2/19/2016.

Probate Bond Form.pdf *New Fillable Form

Business Services Bond BSB FL Application 2.2.2016.pdf

Business Services Bond BSB FL Supp App 2.2.2016.pdf

ERISA App Short Form (11 12 Execute(NEW) 2.2.2016.pdf

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